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Thinking Clearly

Dec 7, 2018

In this episode, Bob and Julia review issues related to current increases in Tribalism and Polarization in American culture & politics, introduce the related concept of Cultural Cognition, and conclude with a discussion of some of the topics and guests that will be coming up in future shows.

Nov 2, 2018

The vulnerabilities in our quick, intuitive judgments, including the many biases that may mislead us, have been extensively discussed on Thinking Clearly, but this episode celebrates the positive side of intuition with one of its primary researchers, Dr. Gary Klein

Oct 5, 2018

This show focuses on how being open to new learning relates to critical thinking, as hosts Bob and Julia discuss insights they've had as a result of hosting the show and how some of what they've learned has affected them.

Sep 7, 2018

In his new book “Think Again-How to Reason and Argue”, Duke University Professor Walter Sinnott-Armstrong says: “The level of discourse and communication in politics and also in personal life has reached new lows.” In this edition of Thinking Clearly, Bob, Julia, and their guest explore the importance of...

Aug 3, 2018

Critical thinkers are often faced with trying to evaluate arguments regarding political policies or various technologies. Whereas experts have developed rigorous, quantitative methods of risk-benefit assessment, most of us simply use our intuitive and emotional processing to create a feeling about the issue at hand...